window to nowhere

We all came from the same

A sparkle sent from the skies

Between moist and heated water

The face of humankind lays


Do you know what you want?

Do you want what you need?

Do you need what you take?

When you take it out of greed?


A place to crash, a loaded dish

A big red car, a broken wish

A wife to blame

A slithering trait

Some ties and suits

Some love, some hate

A busted glass

A painted wall

A dark sacred night

No faith at all

A kind young lady

Some trust in men

And God screaming out

“I’ll do what I can”

Five tons of pressure

They bend and break

Some willing to give

Most eager to take

A tired old man

A window to nowhere

White and pale

Jabbering to the air

A wet smelly floor

Some knocking at the door

The sky as the limit

Just leave it just live it

The Vanity Fair

One hell of a freak show

A monkey and a bear

Some powder to grow

Rubbish in between

The serious drama queens

Some lose in the middle

But no one really wins.


We’ll meet again in the end

Gone treasury and lust

Make sure you understand

“Ashes to ashes dust to dust”.

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